Monday, April 14, 2008

A Pastor and a problem Globe Callcard

Yesterday, a pastor who lives in the other barangay near our store came to purchase a Globe callcard.  He came back after a while and complained that the PIN numbers cannot be read and that we have to replace it.  Seems that he had scratched the card a bit too hard.

We explained to him that we cannot replace the card and advised him to visit the nearest Globe center.  He was adamant that because he purchased the card from us, we have to replace it.  We told him we'll call Globe right there and then, and he replied that he is not Globe!  He even said that he has taken up law and also threatened to report us to the barangay.

If a customer has problems with the products they purchase from us, we extend any help every way we can, within reason.  We are a neighborhood store and we do our share for the community.  But we cannot discount those to try to take advantage of us.  We have had our share of scoundrels who will purchase a card, use the PIN and load their cellphones, then scratch the card some more and attempt to return the card.  

We called up a cousin who we thought knows this pastor, since he was the attending pastor during the christening of their child.  But our probing resulted in that they do not really know the pastor that well.  They just see him in the church and asked him to officiate the christening. 

Seems that being a pastor on the outside does not change the character inside.  Its people like that that give the ministry a bad name.

If you look at most prepaid cards, you can read the back that says, "lightly scratch".  Some people seems to be too eager and doesn't really read the instructions.  Also, you can note that disclaimer on the card that it is "not replaceable and not refundable".  

We called up Globe support and inquired about having an unreadable scratch problem.  We were advised to bring the card to them and they will be just too happy assist.

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