Sunday, July 29, 2012

QC Regulates Use of Plastic Bags

The Quezon City Government has enacted Ordinance #2140 otherwise known as the "Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance" .  Instead of outright banning the use of plastic bags, the government has implemented a scheme that will reduce the use of plastic bags in the city.  The plan is to change the mindset of the consumers to bring their own reusable bags when they make their purchases in all  shops including supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacy, department stores as well as the wet markets. 
The aim of the government is to reduce the trash being thrown into the landfill. As cited in the Ordinance, the city produces some 700  cu. m. or about forty five 10-wheeler truck load of plastic bags alone which are being dumped in the Payatas landfill per day.

A total ban on plastic is not the best solution to the garbage problem.  According to, paper is better than plastic is a myth.  Forcing people to shift to using paper bags will not reduce the trash produced but will actually increase costs as well as increase the cutting of trees.  You can read more on the Paper Chase from the Ecology Global Network .

 In the implementation which takes effect starting on August, 2012, the government is  imposing a "plastic recovery system fee" of P2.00 to the consumer who do not bring their own reusable bags or redeem "used plastic bags".  The P2.00 is charged on each plastic bag, regardless of size.  The collected amount will be put into a Green Fund which can then be used in the store's green projects.

 For the mechanics, consumers are to bring their own bags to used for their shopping.  They can bring reusable bags or old plastic bags.  The old plastic bags can be redeemed with the store ie. they will be replaced with new ones for use of their current purchase.  If however the consumer does not bring a bag, and would require their purchase to be put into one, they will be charged P2.00 for each bag.

 To date, only the Manila Bulletin,  the Daily Tribune and Journal Online has carried the news, so the question now is how aware the public will be come August.

 For any questions or problems, consumers can call the Quezon City Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department at 4447272 local 8348 and 8349.

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  1. Apparently the city government has moved the effective date of the ordinance to September due to a number of major stores only found out about it late last week and were not prepared for the change.