Purity Grocery and Cold Store was established on December, 1949 along Espana Extension (now called E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue) at the corner of Cordillera Street. During that time, Quezon City was still very much newly established and the place was surrounded by "talahib" (weeds). It was started as partnership headed by Mr. O Pan Suy, who is known throughout the neighborhood as "Mr. Chay".

The store's first renovation was in the 1960s. The partnership has been dissolved leaving only Mr. O Pan Suy to manage the business, the name Purity Grocery and Cold store was changed to Purity Market. In 1980 Purity Market was changed to Purity Supermarket and has been used until 1993 when the building where it was standing was rebuilt and the company was incorporated.

Today, Purity is still standing proud at the corner of Cordillera Street along E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue in Quezon City, continuing to serve the community it has grown with.


  1. I passed by Cordillera St. this morning after a long long while and just learned that the building where Purity Market used to be is now Robinsons Easymart. So I checked the internet to see what happened to it and came upon this website. I had good memories going there when I was a kid during the 1980s, while living in Luskot St. I remembered during Christmas time there was a big Chinese man who gives a can of crackers to the "suki" of the store. Also happy to see the tricycle terminal there where my mom and I would ride a tricycle to get home. Wherever you are now Purity Market, thank you.

    1. Thank you for the kind words and the memories. Hope everything is well and wishing you good fortune. God bless.

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